Engine Overhaul

Get A Second Life Out of Your Perkins Engine

Once your Perkins engine is nearing the end of its life cycle, it may be time to consider an engine overhaul. Overhauls dramatically extend the life of your engine and return it to peak operating conditions while being the significantly cheaper option.

An overhaul will extend your engine’s life many years to come by returning performance to like-new conditions. It is a substantially better return on investment than trading in your old engine for a brand-new one.

Most overhaul procedures occur at the core of your engine, which isn’t worked on during standard servicing. It’s a complex procedure and can include the installation of new piston rings, bearings, and gaskets, plus boring out of the cylinders. Crankshafts and cylinder heads can either be replaced or reconditioned.  

We know that no two engines are the same, so we offer flexible options to suit your machine and your budget – from single replacement parts to complete overhaul kits that work on the core of your engine.

Standard overhaul kits include:

  • Replacement pistons
  • Replacement piston rings
  • Complete gasket set
  • Liners (if applicable)

Additional overhaul components are available to order according to your engine’s conditions. Once the overhaul is completed, the engine will enjoy a new lease of life with a drastic improvement in overall performance.

Contact us today to learn about your overhaul options.

Perkins Engine Overhaul Kit