Engine Fluids and Testing

Not all fluids are engineered the same, and the wrong choice can shorten your engine’s lifespan. This is why Perkins has engineered unique blends of additive-packed oils and coolants designed specifically for Perkins-powered machines.

Perkins® Diesel Engine Oil and Perkins® Extended Life Coolant are designed to support a clean, durable, hard-working off-road diesel engine.

Perkins Diesel Engine Oil

Perkins® Diesel Engine Oil is recommended for use in Perkins U.S. EPA Tier 4 Final and below engines, is comprised of a mix of helpful additives. The oil is designed to prevent the build-up of conditions that can impair fuel performance, reduce operating life, and potentially damage engine components.

Made up of three base oils that deliver the right viscosity across the working temperature ranges, Perkins® Diesel Engine Oil includes a combination of 12 beneficial additives, such as:

  • Viscosity stabilizers to ensure a long and stable operating life
  • Dispersants and detergents to prevent the build-up of sludge and ash
  • Anti-wear agents and friction modifiers to ensure good lubrication and protect against wear

Perkins Extended Life Coolant

Perkins® Extended Life Coolant does more than keep your engine at a balanced temperature. It also keeps your engine safe from corrosion and protects against cavitation and cylinder pitting. Our custom-made coolant is blended with additives such as pH stabilizers, anti-foaming agents, and protection agents for rubber and plastic components.

Benefits of Perkins Extended Life Coolant:

  • Lasts twice as long as conventional coolants. Perkins ELC will last for 6,000 hours or three years
  • Pre-mixed 50/50 coolant with purified water formula, eliminating the need to source deionized water
  • Avoids the need to top-up with supplemental coolant additives (SCAs)
  • Advanced formula technology with organic additive corrosion inhibitors
  • Virtually eliminates hard water deposits and extends water pump seal life

Fluid Sampling

Taking in-depth looks at your engine’s oil, coolant, and fuel allows our technicians to draw a deep understanding of the health of your engine – ultimately avoiding unexpected and costly repairs in the future. Combining Perkins fluid sampling with regular inspections, analysis of site conditions, electronic data and service history is a great way to monitor the effectiveness of your maintenance program.